Who is a promoter and how do they affect stock prices?

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Namaskar doston. Angel Broking ke is podcast me aapka swagat hai.

Doston kya aap stock markets mein promoters ke idea se familiar hain? If you are investing in stocks, promoters aapko company ya shares ke baare mein bahut crucial information provide kar sakte hain.

Promoters aapko kuch golden investment opportunities ki oor bhi le ja sakte hain, aur kuch cases mein, scams ko foresee karne mein bhi help kar sakte hain.

Toh kya hote hain promoters? Chaliye dekhte hain.

Doston stock promoters `aise companies aur individuals hote hain, jo kisi investment ke liye funds attract aur raise karte hain.

Promoters paise raise karne ke liye shares ke alawa non traditional investment vehicles bhi offer karte hain.

Toh doston, zyadatar companies promoters ke liye raise kiye gaye funds ke return mein equity shares ka ek percentage offer karte hain, depending on the funds that they have raised.

Doston promoters usually pre-IPO stage mein hire kiye jaate hain, aur ye company ke around market awareness create karte hain.

Achcha doston, penny stocks ke baare mein toh aap jaante hi hoge. Penny stocks usually risky hote hain, lekin inka return ka potential bhi high hota hai. Lekin penny stocks ka promoters se kya lena-dena?

To answer your question, hum promoters ke types dekhenge, and after that, we will see ki promoters aapke investment decisions ko kaise affect kar sakte hain, and what you should do as an informed investor when you come across a promoter.

Toh chaliye dekhte hain three types of promoters, that you will come across in the market.

Doston first type of promoters, and also the most popular ones are penny promoters.

Penny promoters usually start-ups ke around awareness create karte hain. Depending on the startup that hires them, promoters residents aur non-residents, dono ke beech company ke baare mein awareness badha sakte hain. Ye depend karta hai company ke hiring terms par.

Doston jaisa ki humne abhi suna, penny stocks hihg-risk ke saath high returns ki possibility exhibit karte hain. Lekin agar aapko kisi penny stock ke baare mein zyada information nahi hai, toh inme invest karne ke against advise kiya jaata hai.

By the way, India mein 10 rupay se kam ke sabhi stocks ko penny stocks mein classify kiya jaata hai.

This is where the question of promoters comes in. Toh doston, agar koi penny stocks are backed by promoters, toh market mein in stocks ko usually confidence ke saath dekha jaata hai.

If the promoter of penny stocks is also holding a good amount of these stocks, then market mein investors in stocks ko higher confidence ke saath dekhte hain.

Lekin there is a catch in promotion of penny stocks. Iske baare mein hum baat karenge shortly, after looking at other types of promoters.

Next type of promoters are those who specialise in government securities. RBI jaise institutions ke dwara issue kiye gaye debt instruments usually auctions ke through trade kiye jaate hain.

Lekin after the auctions, in instruments ko later stage mein secondary markets mein resell bhi kiya jaata hai.

Government securities mein specialise karne waale investors zyadatar RBI dwara issue kiye gaye securities ko bulk mein purchase kar lete hain.

Iske baad, ye promoters stock exchanges mein jaakar in securities ko un investors ke liye bechte hain, jinka RBI ke saath presently koi current account ya subsidiary general ledger nahi hai.

Doston Institutional promoters are the next and last type that we will discuss today. Institutional promoters un logon ko bolte hain jo company ke stocks already hold karte hain aur by the way of advice, apne close friends, families, aur business connections ko apne company mein invest karne ke liye bolte hain.

Ye senior management ke log bhi ho sakte hain. Agar ye log timely basis par profit reports, turnover and other crucial information shareholders ke liye disclose karte hain, toh this builds a positive sentiment around the company in a market.

Stock promoters usually positive demand create karke company ke liye funds attract toh karte hi hain, but additionally, is demand ke badhne se stocks ke prices bhi increase hote hain.

Toh doston ye toh hue various types of promoters. So how will promoters affect the way you trade?

Sabse pehla point jo aapko consider karna chahiye, is how much stocks are being held by the promoter.

Agar kisi company ke senior management ke log apni shareholding increase kar rahe hain, toh this usually incites greater demand for a company’s stocks.

Saath hi, promoters are also associated with scams. Trading ki history mein aise kai cases hue hain jahan promoters ne investors ke liye empty promises dekar unke paise invest karwa diye.

Ek common scam, jisse aapko bahut careful rehna hai, is when a promoter gives false information to generate interest in a company’s stocks. Doston kabhi kabhi promoters company ke stocks ko pehle se accumulate kar lete hain, aur jab baaki investors usme invest karte hain, toh woh higher prices par apni holdings se withdraw kar lete hain, at a profit.

Achcha ye zaroor janiye, ki not all promotion activity is legal. Toh promoters ke case mein aapko apni judgement aur background checks ke through decision lena hai.

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