A Rule Based Investment Engine

ARQ Prime recommends stocks for investment based on a set of rules - free from human intervention or human bias, in the world of investing - it is called "Smart Beta"


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    Minimises risks by cutting losses early

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Rule Based Investing Is The Hot Favorite

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Index Beating Performance

  • ARQ 1.0 was live during May 2016, one of the most challenging periods of Indian equity markets.
  • ARQ has performed consistently through the midcap fall, NBFC crisis and even during the current COVI-19 Crisis.
  • ARQ Prime is tested against the most challenging market conditions to deliver the best results. It is an improved and more accurate version of ARQ 1.0, which has a proven performance track.

Higher Returns



BSE 100


High Quality Recommendations

  • ARQ Prime adopts the time-tested and proven rules for investing in stocks.
  • Combinations of these rules are back-tested intensively to select the optimum model. This is where the ARQ’s power of algorithms gives it an edge.
  • ARQ scans all types of stocks to pick Winners: Value stocks, Quality stocks, High Momentum stocks, Growth stocks.

Trade Highlights

40-50buy call per year

Average returns: 9%

Average Duration: 3 Months

Optimised Risk-Reward

  • ARQ Prime identifies the timing to enter and exit the markets.
  • It’s strong risk management system cuts the losses early and allows profits to be big, thereby maximising profits and reducing drawdowns/losses

Portfolio falls less when markets are falling

Period Benchmark ARQ
Nov 10- Dec 11 -30% -4%
Mar 15 - Feb 16 -23% -1%
Aug 18 - Oct 18 -30% -12%
Back tested performance of ARQ Prime (Mar 09 - Jan 19)

Feature Loaded

  • ARQ Prime is feature-rich and agile.
  • Investing in ARQ is effortless thanks to our super easy Mobile APP.
  • Get real-time recommendations via notifications / sms.
  • It is completely transparent as subscribers can view how much return ARQ recommendations have given from the user’s date of enrolment on the mobile app.



What is ARQ Prime? Why should you invest with ARQ Prime?

ARQ Prime is a rule-based investment advisory engine which recommends up to 15 stocks for investment.

ARQ prime works on an established set of rules and excludes human biases. In the world of investment, it is called ‘Smart Beta’.

  • Investment rules: ARQ adopts the time tested and proven rules of investing that forms its building block of decision making.
  • Power of Algorithms: The ARQ algorithm tests millions of combinations of these rules to find that one combination of investing rules that is the most powerful in beating the markets. That’s the rule which then drives the decision making engine of ARQ Prime.
  • ARQ scans all types of stocks to pick Winners: Value stocks, Quality stocks, High Momentum stocks, Growth stocks, and more.

ARQ Prime is ideal for new investors as well as for experts who want to minimise risk and maximise profit through smart investing.

What is the minimum investment required to invest in the stocks recommended by ARQ Prime?

ARQ Prime does not have any minimum investment threshold. User can start investing in one or multiple stocks at a time.

Alternatively, the user can also invest in all recommendations with a minimum amount of around Rs 20,000 – 25000 only.

What is the duration of ARQ Recommendations? What kind of returns can I expect from ARQ Recommended calls?

ARQ Prime identifies the timing to enter and exit the markets. Thereby maximising profits and reducing drawdowns/losses.

The smart engine maximises returns by cutting the loses early and allowing profits to run longer. ARQ Prime recommendations give an average return of 9 percent in 3 months average duration.

  • Profitable calls have an average duration of 3-6 months and provide average returns from 5 to 30 percent
  • Reduces losses within 0.5-2 months by 3-10 percent

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