To start trading in financial markets, you need to be registered with the stock exchange. Angel Broking is a registered stock broking firm with the stock exchange, Angel Broking offers different types of trading accounts to match the investor’s trading appetite.

While choosing a trading account, take a look at the following points:

Due diligence and rate structure

  • Before opening an account with a stockbroking company, consider the services it offers as well as its pricing structure. You may be expected to pay a processing fee at the start.
  • Certain broking companies offer discounts depending on the trade activity and its frequency. This is an added advantage. If your chosen broking account has this feature then you may stand to benefit from this.
  • Established stockbroking companies will have dedicated websites and forums to interact with customers. Extract the contact details from the website to get further details into the process.

Enquiries pertaining to opening an online trading account

  • Enquiry about the procedure may be facilitated through contact with a company representative, who will provide you accurate details and resolve doubts.
  • Companies often provide the comfort of having the documentation completed at your home. In this case, the representative will bring along the Account Opening and the Know Your Client (KYC) forms.

Submitting an application

  • In addition to submitting the duly filled Account Opening Form, you will be expected to furnish documents that establish your identity and address.
  • On completion of this step, a verification process will be conducted either through a phone call or representative visit.

Application acknowledgement

  • Necessary documentation and verification will be followed by giving you access to your account
  • The company will provide trading details using which you may participate in market operations
  • The unique trading ID is necessary for trading in stocks

Linking of trading and Demat accounts

  • A trading account is different from a Demat account. While the latter only retains shares and securities, the former facilitates their sale and purchase
  • Shares purchased through a trading account may be deposited into the Demat account. Existing shares may also be withdrawn from a Demat account and sold through a trading account.
  • To avoid the process of verification each time, it is recommended that you link your trading account to your Demat account. This may also simplify trading.
  • After the order has been sanctioned, shares are either removed from or deposited to your Demat account.

By registering with Angel Broking, you may avail of one of the best trading accounts in India.