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To grow wealth exponentially over a relatively shorter time takes knowledge and experience. Most investors prefer trading in the stock markets to achieve these ends. However, as we said before, you need to be an expert. Of course, guidance and analyses from seasoned market experts are essential too. Equity trading involves buying and selling of shares of companies in the stock market. You can do this with an equity trading account.

In India, it is mandatory to register with a brokerage house for trading in Financial Markets. Angel Broking provides not only well-informed market tips but also research. This helps you make the right calls on which stocks to buy and which ones to sell. You can also benefit from value-added tools for a seamless customer service experience. Let’s see what is an equity account, how to open one and its benefits.

What is an equity account?

As we said before, you need an equity trading account to be able to trade. This account enables you to buy and sell shares of companies and also hold them in a dematerialised format.

Equity account opening involves signing up for trading and demat accounts. These two will then get linked to your savings bank account (with your consent) for transferring funds. Thanks to a fully digitised process, brokerage firms like Angel Broking provide integrated platforms for opening equity accounts.

Trading account

A trading account lets you buy and sell securities on the stock exchange. Here you get a unique trading identification number (id).

Demat account

A Demat account is like a digital locker for the securities you buy as it holds the securities in a paperless (dematerialised) format. It has replaced the physical storing of share certificates. You can say it’s a bank account to park your investments.

The purpose of a Demat account is to hold securities purchased through a trading account and payments are done through the linked bank account.

This distinction is vital in the equity online account opening process and even if you choose to submit physical documents.

Benefits of opening an equity trading account:

Now that you know what is an equity account let’s look at benefits. It is essential to do your homework and choose the best options. Among other things, established brokerage houses like Angel Broking have full transparency about their pricing and operations. Their websites are interactive and continuously updated. They can provide the right guidance backed by top-notch market analysis and market experts’ opinions. Finally, the best brokerage houses offer reasonable account opening and transaction brokerage rates.

What Should You Look For?

  • An online equity account should have:
  • A quick account-opening process. At Angel Broking, it’s 5 minutes.
  • A customised single-screen market tracker where you can view multiple exchanges along with real-time rates.
  • Flash news and intra-day calls.
  • Intra-day and historical charts.
  • Online research and tips.
  • News updates
  • Best-in-class portfolio advisory services.
  • Dedicated authorised persons for carrying out trades.
  • Accessibility online as well as through a mobile app.

How to open equity account:

After understanding what is an equity account, read more for the opening process.

  • Brokerage houses often give you the comfort of completing the documentation process at your home. In this case, a representative will bring along the Account Opening and Know Your Client (KYC) forms.
  • You will need to choose a Depository Participant (DP) to open your account.
  • The next step is to fill out the opening forms for demat and trading accounts.
  • Make sure you’ve entered accurate information.

Additional Documents:

You’ll need to submit supporting documents these are required for KYC compliance and verification. Here’s an extensive list:

  • Photo ID proof (any 1): PAN card / Voter's ID / Passport / Driving license / Aadhaar card.
  • Address proof (any 1): Telephone bill / Electricity bill / Bank statement / Ration card/ Passport / Voter's ID / Registered lease or sale agreement / Driving license.
  • Financial proof can be any one of the following:
  • Financial proof can be any one of the following:
    1. Copy of ITR Acknowledgement (for last financial year)
    2. Copy of Annual Accounts (for previous fiscal year)
    3. Copy of Form 16 in case of salary income (for last financial year)
    4. Net worth certificate (the latest one, or at the end of the previous fiscal year)
    5. 1-month Salary Slip (current)
    6. Copy of demat account holding statement (not more than three months old)

A representative will conduct an in-person verification after submitting these documents and forms. Once you’re verified, you’ll receive your demat and trading account details. Now that you know what is an equity account and how to open one, visit the Angel Broking website and begin trading today.

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