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What is Sub-Broker?

Share trading and investing have become an attractive proposition because they tend to offer good returns. In the past few years, equity appears to have outperformed most other asset classes. Of course, investing in equity involves market risk and investors must be aware of that before taking the plunge.

Ordinary investors cannot buy and sell shares directly. They have to do it through a broker who is a member of the stock exchange. Since the number of brokers is small compared to investors, sub-brokers do a lot of the work of investing. So when investors buy and sell shares, they will probably be doing it through sub-broking agents.

Sub Broker: How to Become Sub Broker

Now, let’s see how to become sub-broker. It’s not all that complicated; you will have to approach a broking firm to become one, and takes very little time. Angel Broking enjoys a good reputation in the market and should be your first choice. We have over 11,000 sub-broking agents, 1.2 million retail clients, 11,000 trading terminals and 110 branches across the country.

Here’s what you’ll need to become sub-broker.

  1. You will need a minimum qualification of 10+2 or HSC. However, some brokers may prefer at least a graduation degree.
  2. Excellent working knowledge of the financial markets, including equity, is preferable.
  3. You may also need to know a bit about the functioning of the economy and politics because this will affect the way stock markets behave.
  4. Another thing to note about how to become sub-broker is excellent communication skills. These are a plus since you will need to able to communicate with your clients effectively about their investment options.
  5. If your qualification is less than 10+2, you may have to submit proof of experience certificate. You will need experience of at least two years as employee/ dealer in the capital market.

How much can a sub-broker earn?

The dictionary definition of a broker is “a person who buys and sells goods and assets for others”, in return for which he takes a fee or charge, which is called “brokerage”. In India, investors can buy and sell shares or similar investment products through brokerage houses. These entities charge a minimal brokerage fee. These organisations appoint sub-broking agents, who are paid a commission for each transaction they make. This sub-broker commission is what acts as a primary source of income.

Business plan for sub-brokers

Interest in the equity market has been growing among investors. To invest, one needs to go through brokers or sub-brokers authorised by the stock exchanges.

So far, we’ve read about how to become a sub-broker, now let’s look a typical business plan. The business model is something like this: the broker provides the brand and infrastructure support in exchange for brokerage. The reward for higher brokerage received is in the form of higher commissions.

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Documents you need to submit

Another thing to note while knowing how to become sub-broker is the documentation. You will need to provide:


Address proof to the broker, like Aadhaar card, latest telephone bill, electricity bill, passport, valid driving licence or most recent bank statement.


Proof of identity like PAN card of Aadhaar card.


Four photographs.


CA reference letter.


Name affidavit in case of any mismatch in names, on a Rs 10 stamp paper

Benefits of becoming an Angel Broking sub-broker

Now that you know how to become sub-broker, here are some of the advantages you enjoy by partnering with Angel Broking:

Angel Broking Legacy

Angel Broking is one of the market leaders in the field with strong brand recall. We have best-in-class facilities, significant leverage and advanced technology, ensuring easy client acquisition

Dynamic Career Growth

You can have a great potential to grow with Angel Broking. You have the freedom to acquire and service as many clients as you want using Angel Broking’s infrastructure and innovative trading products.

Marketing & Tech Support

Angel Broking focuses on digital marketing to generate client leads and has several incentives to encourage client acquisition.

Low Investment, Maximum Returns

With Angel Broking, you can start servicing clients by just paying a one-time refundable deposit. You keep earning good returns as long as you keep your clients satisfied and active.

Angel Broking Sub Broker App

The Angel Broking mobile application provides a platform for our clients trading and investment requirement and is powered by ARQ, a reulebased investment engine.

NXT a Sub Broker Platform

The Angel Broking mobile application provides a platform for our clients trading and investment requirement and is powered by ARQ, a reulebased investment engine.


Q1. What is main role of a Sub Broker?

The main role of a Sub broker is to recruit clients under him & regulate their business, based on which brokerage will be generated.

Q2. Who is Sub Broker ?

A sub broker is a person who is registered with SEBI as such and is affiliated to a member of a recognized stock exchange.

Q3. What makes someone eligible to become a Sub-Broker?

A sub broker is a person who is registered with SEBI as such and is affiliated to a member of a recognized stock exchange.

Q4. What kind of marketing support will a Sub Broker get from Angel Broking?

A Sub Broker would receive the following marketing support from Angel Broking.

  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Seminars and Events
  • Market Research Report
  • Newsletters

Q5. Will Angel Broking provide any training to the Sub Broker?

Yes, Angel broking will provide training to the Sub Broker regarding all its applications & softwares to ensure smooth functioning of business.

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