Angel Broking explains what is SIP and its advantages

By Angel Broking | Published on 20th December 2016 | 660
Transcript :

what is SIP and what are its advantages meet a ship with his salary hike ashish was determined to start saving Ravi Ashish is colleague and an active trader with Angel Broking suggested SIP Ravi explained SIP or systematic investment plan is a disciplined method of investing in mutual funds you can build a portfolio by investing a fixed amount of money say 1,000 rupees at regular intervals monthly quarterly or annually as convenient SIP offers many benefits it is wallet friendly and inculcates discipline and ideal for new investors its hassle free once initiated the amount is deducted automatically through ECS you buy neutral fund units at various prices so you don’t have to worry about timing the market or market fluctuations this helps you get better results in lump sum investments you have to save for a period and then invest the amount with SIP Ashish starts getting returns from day one experiencing the power of compounding at its best to leverage these benefits Ashish is now ready to start investing in SIP with Angel Broking [Music]