Authorised Persons are qualified professionals who act as market enablers to help investors trade in securities in the financial market. An agent sells securities to investors, provides market insights, and guide his clients on the best ways to invest. It is a highly competitive sector but also highly rewarding. If you are looking to own a business, becoming an Authorised Person is a good choice.

Agents are key market players. If an individual investor wants to invest in the stock market, he has to do it with the help of an agent. The profile of a stockbroking agent demands quick thinking abilities and excellent communication and client management skills. If you think you have the qualities, this job is for you.

Roles And Responsibilities Of An Authorised Person

The primary role of an Authorised Person is of a market facilitator. He guides his clients to invest in the financial market on behalf of a stockbroker.

Stockbrokers hire Authorised Persons or agents to sell the various investment tools to investors – equities, currencies, commodities. An Authorised Person buys and sells securities on behalf of his client. Therefore, they should always stay at the top of market news and develop a good understanding of the financial market to identify investment opportunities.

Authorised Persons work towards expanding the business for the broker. It is a domain where, if you are dynamic and a good learner, you can become successful within a short period. But you must also persevere and stay focused.

Skillsets You Need

In the role of an Authorised Person, you need to think and act like an entrepreneur, that is must do multitasking.

You must have a comprehensive understanding of the financial market with an ability to anticipate the direction the market is heading. Understand how macroeconomic – global and political factors are going to impact market performance. As an Authorised Person, you should be able to explain everything related to the stock market to your client.

Secondly, you will need basic computer skills to maintain client details and financial records accurately.

With your knowledge, you should convince the client to invest, and hence, can’t ignore the importance of gaining the right coaching. To become an Authorised Person in India, you can qualify for Authorised Person exams. These exams are conducted online by NSE and BSE.

These Authorised Person exams are designed to test your knowledge in the financial market.

Authorised Person Exam

NSE Certificate In The Financial Market is the name of the certificate offered by the National Stock Exchange. The program is divided into three modules to cover broad aspects of the financial market – basics, intermediate, and advance. To apply for Authorised Person certification, you will have to enrol yourself for the respective segments.

– NSE Series XI: Equity Sales Certification Exam

– NSE Series VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Examination

NSE offers different courses to help you prepare for their exam.  These courses are attuned to the latest market developments and policy updates. Even if you are experienced in the financial market, these courses will help you update your knowledge as per the latest standards.

Like NSE, Bombay Stock Exchange also conduct courses and certification exams for aspiring agents.

Why You Need Certification?

These certificates will add weight to your resume and will make you a desirable candidate to the employer. Nowadays, most employers prefer at least a bachelor’s degree while considering your application. Knowledge in the areas of accounting, finance, or business administration will be a plus. These certifications will undoubtedly help you advancing in your career and in your dream to achieve financial freedom.