When it comes to youth, ‘stock market’ is one of those terms that may not seem very familiar to them. Whether it comes to the jargon being used or the process of buying and selling stocks, share market isn’t a friendly term. However, it is only wise to think of investments and savings as early as possible. Also, one of the possible barriers for this distance with regard to trading is a lack of knowledge in the stock market. Such doubts can be overcome through one’s own learning as well as some guidance. There are also a number of classes that youngsters can take in order to clear their basics.

So if you are a young investor, here are a few things that will help you build a portfolio and manage it:

So if you are a young investor, here are a few things that will help you build a portfolio and manage it:

Begin Early

The day you begin working, it is time to start saving. This is also one of the best times to save because you don’t have any financial commitments. An early saving adds to more saving which also means bigger investment.


Choose your stocks across a broad range of market categories. You can invest in funds such as index funds wherein investments can be made in a combination of risk and good returns. This leads to a balanced investment pattern.

Minimum Cost

At the time of investing capital, make investments in funds which have low fees. Save up on money which is otherwise needed for commission or management fees. Therefore, this keeps your investment cost to minimum.


One of the best answers on how to trade in stock market is to trade in a disciplined manner.  Timely and regular investments are important to build your portfolio.

Asset Allocation

Allocate a certain percentage of your investment portfolio to different types of stocks such as dividend paying stocks, growth stocks, index funds, etc. This way you can re-balance the portfolio so that it can sustain any fluctuations in the market.

Investing has become very convenient for every type of trader through the online mode. Whenever you wish to check the prices of your stocks, you can check live stock market updates irrespective of where you are.