Due to the variety of trading facilities provided by it, the SMC trading account is very famous amongst traders. Incorporated in the year 1990, SMC Global Securities Ltd has grown significantly in terms of customer care and profitability. For the multiple investment needs of customers, SMC Global is a one stop shop solution. Hence, it is often rated as one of the top brokerage firms in India.

Currently, SMC serves more than eighteen lakhs customers across the country. Their field force of employees who cater to these customers exceeds three thousand. At present, SMC Global is sprawled across five hundred Indian cities and has a branch in Dubai as well. Both the trading account and Demat account SMC are popular choices among traders who glean a variety of benefits from them.

Features of Demat account SMC

A demat account with SMC comes with many kinds of features and benefits. These advantages make this account among the best to trade using. Some of these features are as follows:

Low Brokerage and Transaction Costs:SMC provides its customers with one of the lowest rates for brokerage in the country. Their transaction costs for trades are also competitively lowered.

Widespread network:SMC has a huge network across the country as well as overseas. They currently work with over a hundred branches in about 500 cities sprawled across the country.

Personalized Services:Expect to receive personalized attention and care from the SMC Global team, whether or not you are a first-timer or an old investor with them. They offer excellent customer service.

Close monitoring:Another key feature of SMC is that you get to keep a close eye on both your transactions and your holdings. Every month as you conduct your financial transactions with SMC, you can receive your Demat account’s monthly bill statement which will be generated and sent to you.

Automated Pay-in facility:A hassle-free and automatic facility incorporated by SMC for all their customers is their pay-in facility. One can use their Demat account without too much logistical hindrance through this facility.

Process to Open Demat Account SMC

Now that you know the features of a Demat account with SMC, how do you go about opening one? Keep in mind that to do so you do not have to make visits to SMC account’s branch or their offices. This entire process is online and can be done by visiting the official SMC global website. Here is the step-by-step process of opening a Demat account SMC.

1. Visit the official SMC Global Website. On the homepage, you will be able to see the button to “Open Demat Account.” Click on it.

2. After you click, a pop-up application form will open up. This form will require that you fill in your name, address, city, mobile number, and more such details.

3. On the mobile number you provide, you should receive a call from the SMC Global KYC Team to verify your identity. The team will share an EKYC link with you via SMS. Click on this link to complete setting up your account with SMC Global.

4. The PAN Card is mandated to be provided as identity proof according to SEBI for any individual who wishes to set up and trade via a Demat account in India. Be equipped with your PAN card or PAN number as it will be required for verification.

5. Once you fill out your eKYC form for your Demat account, SMC will ask for your KYC documents in the form of your PAN card, Aadhar card, date of birth, IFSC Code, and bank account number. You will need to upload the scanned copies of all original documents relevant to your form with SMC as part of the mandate. You may also be required to upload a photo of a cancelled cheque, a passport-sized photo, and more.

6. Once you post all these documents in the form of scanned copies, a short message will be sent to you from the SMC team letting you know that an official from the SMC customer care will be getting in touch with you to verify you digitally. This will be sent to you after you have signed the form digitally using your Aadhar card.

7. The customer service executive will reach you on your registered mobile number and will verify your identity. Additionally, they will also explain the various benefits of an SMC Demat account to you.

8. Once your verification is successful, your Demat account with SMC will be activated within the next one to two days itself. You will receive a notification about the same via your registered email address.


SMC is among the best brokerage firms in India. Their demat account offers features like excellent customer care, low transaction costs, automatic pay in facility, and more.