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Whirlpool of India Limited (Whirlpool) is
now one of the leading manufacturers
and marketers of major home appliances in the country. The Company is
primarily engaged in manufacturing and trading of Refrigerators, Washing
Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens and small appliances and caters
to both domestic and international markets.
Whirlpool continues to aggressively
expand its product portfolio and have launched models in front loaded washing
machine (accounts 20-25% of
market) and premium end double door
refrigerators, mid-
segment refrigerators & induction hobs. Whirlpool already has
a strong presence in the mid-price segment and hence with
new launches in the
premium segment it can strike opportunities going ahead. Howe
ver, Whirlpool’s
rich experience in the Indian market along with balanced product portfolio gives
that the company can show healthy growth going ahead. Whirlpool
can be a good investment stock on account of having
strong hold in the mid-
price segment, potential entry in new categories, virtually
Debt free company and
advantage of rich experience. With
strong balance sheet and ample liquidity
supported by steady cash accruals and efficient working capital management
seems to be positive for the company performance in years to come.
company has reported a healthy Return on Equity of 24% for the last 5 years.
Hence Buy.
CMP `878
Stock Info
Beta 0.6
Bloomberg Code
Shareholding Pattern (%)
Promoters 75.0
MF / Banks / Indian Fls 10.2
FII / NRIs / OCBs 6.9
Indian Public / Others 8.0
Abs. (%) 3m 1yr 3yr
Sensex (7.7) 2.2 27.4
Whirlpool of India (8.7) 3.1 79.1
Consumer Durables
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Whirlpool of India
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December 22
, 2016
Whirlpool of India | Consumer Durables
December 22, 2016
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