What is a Bonus Issue

What is a bonus issue prime interest I’ll being created at six hundred rupees and the company has recently declared a to is to one bonus issue Amit owns a few shares of prime infra but doesn’t understand what’s in it for him so his friend Vinod a seasoned investor with Angel Broking explained the two insta want bonus issue means you will get two three shares for every one shed that you own with 100 shares of prime infra Amit will now get an additional 200 shares taking his total took 300 shares but because the number of shares has tripled the price of each share is now one third of the previous value since each prime infra 600 rupees before the bonus issue it will now be two hundred rupees though the number of shares on it owns has increased from 100 to 300 the total value of his investment remains the same so why did Prime infra issue bonus shares to reward the investors and gain their confidence as well as attract new investors on it now understands what a bonus issue is.

what is a Stock Split

what is stock split Samir owns 100 shares of z corporation valued at 500 rupees per share his total investment is thus 15 thousand rupees he has just heard that said corporation has decided to go for a stock split so he asked his friend Vinod a seasoned investor with Angel Broking to explain Zant corporation has decided to increase its number of shares by issuing more shares to current shareholders some here gets one additional share for every share that he already owns this is a one-for-one stock split but the price of each share is now half of the previous value that is 500 divided by 2 equal to 250 rupees so though the number of shares Samir owns has increased from 100 to 200 the total value of his investment remains the same that is 250 rupees into 200 shares why do companies split their stock to make their shares more affordable to small investors also the lower share price makes the stock more liquid that is easier to buy and sell remember the company’s market capitalization that is the total value of all its outstanding shares remains the same even after the split thanks to Vinod Samir now understands what stock split is all about.

Angel Broking explains, what is a Remisier?

What is a ram this year what are its advantages looking to earn some extra income spending very little time and no capital investment here is a great moment enter the building of the stock broking business by becoming a Loomis yet with Angel Broking all you need to do is introduce your contacts to us and then sit back relax and keep making money it’s easy simple add convenient register as a release year with Angel Broking use your strong network of contacts to introduce clients once these slides who are marked under your stock trading get a brokerage share on every trade my body slides track your earnings of the mobile app anytime anywhere so what are you waiting for join Angel Broking today and start the hunt contact Espeon quality at Angel Broking calm phone number 0 w – a double – 0 double 14

Who is an Authorised Person? Why join Angel Broking as an Authorised Person?


Who is an Authorised Person? Why join Angel Broking as an Authorised Person?

An authorised person is a person approved by the stock exchange to assist investors in buying selling and dealing in securities in return for a brokerage.

Join hands with Angel Broking as an authorised person and be a part of the largest network in India.

Angel Broking is one of the most respected stock-broking and wealth management companies in India, which has lived up to its motto service truly personalised.

As an authorised person with Angel Broking, you can enjoy benefits such as a complete business model comprising business offerings like equity, derivatives, commodities trading, currency trading, life insurance, and mutual funds.

  • Portfolio management
  • The robust risk management system
  • Advanced trading platforms for desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Extensive marketing support
  • Regular training programs
  • 24×7 back-office support

A host of other services, so that you get high returns on your investment make the most of this opportunity.

What is Stock Valuation?

Amit is relatively new to the world of trading. He often comes across the term ‘Stock Valuation’ but has never fully understood it.

So, here’s a basic insight into the concept:

Stock Valuation entails several methods that are used to value a stock

2 most commonly used Valuation methods are – absolute & relative.

The Absolute Valuation

models attempt to find the true value of an investment based only on the company’s fundamentals like dividends or its cash flow.

Relative Valuation

models operate by comparing the company in question to other similar companies & involve calculating multiples or ratios, such as price-to-earnings multiple.

Generally several valuations are done to create a range of possible values for a given stock.

With a better knowledge of the valuation model, Amit can now make informed investments decisions & start online share trading with Angel Broking as his trusted partner.

Become a Value Investor by opening a Trading & Demat Account with Angel Broking

What is SIP and its advantages

What is s IP and what are its advantages meet a ship with his salary hike Ashe was determined to start saving Ravi Ashish is colleague and an active trader with Angel Broking suggested SIV Ravi explained s IP or systematic investment plan is a disciplined method of investing in mutual funds you can build a portfolio by investing a fixed amount of money say 1,000 rupees at regular intervals monthly quarterly or annually as convenient s IP offers many benefits it is wallet friendly and inculcates discipline and ideal for new investors its hassle free once initiated the amount is deducted automatically through ECS you buy neutral fund units at various prices so you don’t have to worry about timing the market or market fluctuations this helps you get better results in lump sum investments you have to save for a period and then invest the amount with s IP Ashish starts getting returns from day one experiencing the power of compounding at its best to leverage these benefits Ashish is now ready to start investing in s IP with Angel Broking.

What is ELSS and what are its advantages

What is ELSS and what are its advantages Vinod is a young professional with almost zero investments but his recent paycheck showed a huge TDS deduction so he was compelled to think about investing his elder brother hushed a seasoned investor with Angel Broking recommended ELSS harsh explained ELSS for equity-linked savings scheme is a diversified equity mutual fund which offers tax benefits under Section 8 TC compared to other tax saving investment alternatives ELSS has the shortest lock-in period of 3 years where investors get tax-free returns and also benefit from capital appreciation by investing in ELSS you will be eligible for tax exemption up to 1.5 lakh rupees every year what’s more you can grow your money through ELSS by taking advantage of equity investing which has delivered the best returns compared to other asset classes over a longer period of time knowing all these advantages Vinod is now ready to save tax by investing in ELSS through Angel Broking.


Yogesh is new to investing and wants to know more about Mutual Funds.
Mutual funds are like a basket of investments.
It can consist of shares, bonds, derivatives and other financial instruments.
There is a fund manager who manages the portfolio. He uses his professional expertise to spread out the money in several financial instruments from different sectors so that, losses from an investment can be balanced out by gains from others. This way, the fund stands a better chance to generate maximum profit.
When investors like Yogesh, buy a mutual fund, they are actually investing into the pool of money, which is then invested into the financial instruments by the fund manager.

Investing in Mutual Funds

So, if Yogesh invests in a mutual fund, he will own a unit of the mutual fund and not shares of companies.
Mutual funds are suitable for investors who want to profit from the stock-market without having to manage shares directly. You can invest in Mutual Funds at Angel Broking.