Angel broking explains how to start trading in 1 hour.

By Angel Broking | Published on 20th December 2016 | 1826
Transcript :

In the stock market fortunes are made in a matter of seconds so in effect you are losing out on potential profits while waiting to open your trading account so we fast-tracked the process to just one hour yes that’s right you can now open your d-mat account and start trading in under one hour just log on to K y c dot Angel Broking com and provide your contact details got your other card number grid all your details will get automatically filled but don’t worry if you don’t have an outer card it’ll take just a few minutes to fill in your details choose the plan you prefer to go ahead we’ll make the payment and in a snap it’s done within a few minutes our representative will reach you with a specialized biometric device that will take your thumb impression and all your details get digitally verified inside in no time you will receive a welcome SMS with your account details and you are all set to start trading immediately so why wait take the first step get your d mat and trading account today !