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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Angel Broking offers professional Portfolio Management Services (PMS) to HNIs who seek customized solutions to realize their investment goals. PMS is a customised offering, providing a range of investment options best suited for you in the current market scenario. Our Portfolio Managers are equipped to create an investment portfolio across various investment avenues like Equities, Fixed Deposits, Bonds etc. to meet your unique needs.

Benefits of Portfolio Management Services

  • Diversification of portfolio for containing non-systematic risks in equity market
  • Active risk management
  • Active review and rebalancing
  • Expert management
  • Awarded the Best Retail Broking House and Broking House with the Largest Distribution Network, by DNB (2009)
  • Solid risk management
  • Experienced and robust fund management team
  • Efficient and personalized client servicing
  • No entry load on investment
  • No lock-in period for investment
  • Flexibility to switch from one strategy to other (Charges applicable)
  • Additional purchase facility
  • Withdrawal facility for any amount above Rs. 25 lakhs

The Angel Advantage

  • Investment in companies that have a strong competitive advantage over their peers
  • Well laid-out investment philosophy
  • Pro-active management of funds
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Quarterly newsletter from fund management team
  • Committed parentage
  • Minimum Investment of Rs. 25 lakhs and multiples of Re. 1 thereafter
  • Flexibility in mode of payment- Cheque or stock transfer, or both

Unparalleled Service

  • Online access to your portfolio with personal Login ID and Password
  • Monthly fund performance and fund manager’s expert analysis on e-mails
  • Quarterly performance report statement
  • CA-certified profit & loss account and balance sheet of investments
  • Dedicated fund co-ordinator for fund-related queries
  • Centralised team of service co-ordinators for hassle-free service
  • Event-based interaction with fund management team
  • Servicing from large network of branches across India

At Angel, we offer you a choice of two different schemes, each catering to varying wealth creation goals and risk-appetites. Depending on your risk-appetite and the type of investor you classify yourself as, you can choose one (or a combination of two or more) of these schemes.

Angel Lotus Portfolio

Our endeavour is to create wealth over the medium for longer term through investments in equities, and across market capitalization by focusing solely on fundamentals of the companies with a blend of value and growth investing.

Our approach to investment

  • Follow principles of value and growth investing
  • Focus on capital preservation
  • Impetus to low-risk high-return stock, by capturing the complete up moves in the stock by cherry picking them at a very nascent stage.
  • Be contrarian at times and bet on unknown & unpopular businesses having potential to deliver much superior returns
  • Stock picking based on hidden valuations, rather than on absolute market capitalization
  • Suitable for medium to high risk investors, with a long- term perspective
  • Seeks to capture value by investing during the early stages of the growth cycle
  • Active Portfolio management, with continuous risk management of the portfolio along with realigning it with newer opportunities for superior returns

The key parameters include

  • Strength and quality of management and promoters
  • Robust business model
  • Valuation – The appropriate price at the time of entry and exit
  • Future growth prospects

Fundamentals of Investment

Investment horizon: 18 to 24 Months
Risk: Moderate
Return: Moderate

Fund Manager: Mayuresh Joshi, Fund Manager, Angel Broking
Experience: More than 10 years in Equity Research, Advisory and Portfolio Management at Angel Broking

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Mayuresh Joshi

As Portfolio Manager at Angel Broking, Mr. Mayuresh Joshi is responsible for managing Funds and Portfolios with different investment mandates and strategies. He’s known for his expertise in portfolio construction, asset allocation and performance measurement techniques, and has a varied portfolio of clients across Angel’s HNI, MNI and SME.

He’s methodically interprets complicated financial information and makes informed financial recommendations to different categories of investors. He’s an expert in building valuation and risk models, and follows strict adherence to procedures and regulatory requirements. He has consistently delivered returns for clients through systematic allocation of funds across multiple asset classes, through his ability to identify winners in bull as well as bear markets.

A Company Secretary by training and an expert in Corporate Law, Mr. Mayuresh Joshi has been engaged in building multiple verticals for the Angel Group.

Risk Factors

Investments in securities are subject to market risks, which include a price fluctuation risk. There is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of any of the schemes mentioned in this document will be achieved. The investments made by the various schemes may not be suitable to all categories of investors. The names of the schemes do not, in any manner, indicate their prospects or returns. The performance in the equity schemes may be adversely affected by the performance of individual companies, changes in the marketplace and industry-specific and macro-economic factors. The debt investments and other fixed-income securities may be subject to interest rate risk, liquidity risk, credit risk and re-investment risk. Liquidity in these investments may be affected by trading volumes, settlement periods and transfer procedures. Technology stocks and some of the investments in the niche sectors run the risk of volatility, high valuation, and obsolescence and low liquidity. One or more of the schemes may use derivative instruments like index futures, stock futures, and options contracts, warrants, convertible securities, swap agreements or any other derivative instruments for the purpose of hedging and portfolio balancing, as permitted under the regulations and guidelines. The use of a derivative requires an understanding not only of the underlying instrument but of the derivative itself. Derivatives require the maintenance of adequate controls to monitor the transactions entered into, the ability to assess the risks that a derivative adds to the portfolio, and the ability to forecast price or interest rate movement correctly. Schemes using derivative futures & options products are affected by risks different from risks associated with stocks and bonds. Such products are high leverage instruments and their use requires a high degree of skill and expertise. Small price movements in the underlying securities may have a large impact on the value of derivative futures & options. Some of the risks relate to mispricing or the improper valuation of derivative futures & options, and the inability to correlate the positions with underlying assets, rates and indices. Also the derivative futures & options markets are uncertain in India. In the case of stock-lending, risks relate to the default from counterparties with regards to the securities lent and the corporate benefits thereof, inadequacy of the collateral and the settlement risks. The portfolio manager is not responsible or liable for any loss resulting from the operations of the scheme. The performance of the schemes may be affected by changes in government policies, general levels of interest rates, and risks associated with trading volumes, liquidity and settlement systems in equity and debt markets. The scheme may invest in non-publicly offered debt securities and unlisted equities. This may expose the scheme to liquidity risks.

About Us

Promoted by Dinesh Thakkar in 1987, Angel Broking started as a sub-broker business with a team-size of three. Today Team Angel has over 3500 members and work with more than 4,000 channel partners / business associates. This makes Angel one of the largest retail stock–broking entities in the country. Angel's 100% “retail –focused” business model has helped it to build a base of over 4.2 lakhs retail clients, who are serviced through a pan-India network of 16 regional hubs and 104 branches.

Angel has been awarded the “Major Volume Driver” award by the BSE for three consecutive years, viz., 2004-05, 2005-06, and 2006-07. Angel also has the largest sub-broker network on the NSE.

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The Angel Advantage
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    Investment in companies with competitive advantage

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    Well laid-out investment philosophy

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    Pro-active management of funds

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    Dedicated Relationship Manager

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    Minimum investment of Rs. 25 lakhs

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    Flexibility in mode of payment


Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is an investment portfolio in stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, structured products and other individual securities, managed by a professional money manager that can potentially be tailored to meet specific investment objectives.

When you invest in PMS, you own individual securities unlike a mutual fund investor, who owns units of the entire fund. You have the freedom and flexibility to tailor your portfolio to address personal preferences and financial goals. Although portfolio managers may oversee hundreds of portfolios, your account may be unique.

Investment Management Solutions in Portfolio Management Services

  • Discretionary: With this service, the investment decisions rests solely with the Portfolio Manager.
  • Non-Discretionary: Under this service, the portfolio manager suggests the investment plans. The choice as well as the time of investment decisions rest solely with the investor. However, the trade is done by the portfolio manager.
  • Advisory: Under this service, the portfolio manager suggests the investment options. The choice as well as the execution of the investment decisions rest solely with the investor. Note: In India majority of PMS providers offer Discretionary Services. Angel Broking Ltd. offers Discretionary Portfolio Management Services.
  • PMS gives investors access to an institutional process of money management
  • Customized solutions by matching the unique needs and objectives of each investor
  • Wealth creation based on disciplined investment process is the crux of PMS
  • Effective diversification helps reduce portfolio volatility and enhances risk‐adjusted returns over long term
  • MS gives investor direct ownership of the individual securities in the portfolio

PMS can be offered only by entities having specific SEBI registration for rendering portfolio management services. Currently in India PMS is offered primarily by asset management companies (AMCs) and brokerage houses.

The Investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment of clients. The clients can be Individuals or Institutions entities with high net worth. Ideal for investors who:

  • Looking to invest in asset classes like equity, fixed income, structured products etc
  • Desire personalised investment solutions
  • Desire long‐term wealth creation
  • Appreciate a high level of service

The difference between Portfolio Management Services and Mutual Funds

If you fall under any of the following categories, you are eligible to enrol:

  • Individuals
  • Hindu Undivided Families
  • Association of Persons
  • Limited Companies
  • Hindu Undivided Families
  • NRIs, overseas companies, firms, societies, and overseas trusts (subject to RBI approval)

To sign up for this service you will have to fill in the Client Registration Form. You will also have to execute an Agreement and a Power of Attorney in favour of Angel Broking Limited, establishing a Principal‐Agent relationship, which allows us to act on your behalf. Our Relationship Managers will be very happy to assist you.

Under the Portfolio Management Scheme, each transaction scheme will be considered as an independent trade and capital gains will be applied on each depending upon whether the relevant stock was held long term or short term. Presently 15.66 % tax is chargeable for Short Term Capital gains and no tax is chargeable on Long Term Capital Gains. The STT charges will also apply.

Initial corpus can be brought into the Portfolio Management Service by way of either Cash and or securities/shares. The initial portfolio of securities/shares will be re‐aligned as per the model. We sell shares as required to get the holdings re‐aligned to our model portfolio.

Do you guarantee the initial corpus and any ‘return’ thereon?

There is no upper limit on the amount you can invest in the Portfolio Management Service.

In most of our schemes the ideal time horizon for a equity portfolio is at least 12‐18 months.

The Portfolio Management Service has no lock-in period you can at any point of time. However, the ideal time frame is 12 – 18 months as equities outperform most other asset classes only in the long run.

We invest as per objectives of a particular scheme. We typically pay more attention to a company’s fundamentals, valuations and not technical trends. Our portfolio’s do not mimic indices and are more governed by the bottom up approach.

You can check your portfolio on a daily basis by logging on to our website In addition, you get monthly statements of transactions, holdings etc. You can also access these reports online.

Yes the payment has to be made upfront. He can introduce any additional amount later on.

No contract notes will be available. Detailed statement of accounts would be emailed at the end of the month. Physical copy will be sent quarterly.

No, the same form can be used for any scheme chosen.

No, the same form can be used for any scheme chosen.

Since we offer only Discretionary Portfolio management Services, the discretion to invest primarily lies with the Portfolio Manager. Any securities/ shares handed over as initial portfolio will be aligned to the model. Therefore, it is advisable that you should hand over only those securities/ shares, which you are willing to sell and retain the ones you want to hold.

Under PMS all investments will be made in the name of the scheme.

Documents required: DEMAT & PMS Account opening form and the risk disclosure. Address proof/Identity proof /Pan card copy/Bank statements.

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) has to be provided for investment in the PMS scheme.

Yes, initial investment can be done by transferring your existing portfolio. The stock valuations will be taken when it is received in the Angel PMS DEMAT Account. The value of investment might fluctuate due to transaction incurred to re-align the portfolio with the scheme.

The following charges will be applicable as required.

  • Asset Management Fess: 2.0% pa
  • Brokerage: 0.5% per transaction

Management fees are chargeable on daily average NAV at the end of each quarter or withdrawal of fund whichever is earlier. (Please refer to the product brochure for complete bifurcation of charges)

You can withdraw your profit whenever you want, provided you maintain the minimum ticket size.

You can terminate from PMS at any time; charges as agreed upon would be applicable.

The Account Statement as well as the Statement of Holding of your equity portfolio will be couriered to you on a quarterly basis. You will be able to view the same online. The statements will have complete details of portfolio transactions and a comprehensive performance review which will be uploaded on the website.

Angel broking is a depository participant with Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). This ensures complete safety in operations. Stock ownership always rests with the client.

At Angel Portfolio Management, the Relationship Manager will discuss with you at length your financial goals and engineer a portfolio. Later on investment will be made according to the scheme objective.

Our Portfolio management Schemes are designed from a long-term perspective and we will invest in accordance with the objectives of each Scheme. It is advisable to keep any equity portfolio invested over a longer term because in the long run, equities outperform most other asset classes. Therefore, we do not indulge in any day trading activity by Portfolio Managers.

If the Portfolio Manager finds that an IPO presents a good investment opportunity then he may invest in the same.

Derivative transaction, if done, will only be for hedging purposes (as allowed by SEBI). No speculative position is allowed.

Part of the portfolio might be invested in debt or liquid fund till the time felt necessary.

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