Intraday Trading Calls

Intraday Trading Calls

Intraday Trading Tips

With Angel Broking’s Intraday Trading, you can buy and sell stocks on the same day instead of waiting for delivery after 2 days. If you’re trading in stock markets, you buy stocks and get the delivery in their DEMAT account after the settlement process is over, which takes 2 days (T+2) from the day of transaction.

Intraday Trading Tips
  • Study the types of stocks of companies in which you want to invest
  • Buy shares of different companies from different sectors
  • Buy/Sell for intraday and square off the position as soon as desired profit is achieved
  • Check the trend patiently using technical analysis and go for fewer transactions accordingly
  • Trade only in high liquidity stocks (preferably NSE 200 stocks)
  • Always use protective stop losses
  • Do not carry forward a loss-making intraday trade
The Angel Advantage
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    Market-updated news even at night

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    Efficient money management

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    Profit-making basis price fluctuations

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    Easy trading in liquid markets

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    Lower brokerage

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    Intraday traders can create short position in the cash segment if they have a bearish view on the stock