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Technical & Derivative Report

Daily Report

It was yet another week of consolidation for our markets which was quite evident after seeing...

Weekly Report

A corrective move in the previous week was followed by a flat start on Monday. Subsequently, the...


Short Term Index Future

Key indices like, Nifty 50, Nifty Bank and Nifty IT are covered in this product with a positional perspective

Short Term Cash

The time horizon is 14 – 21 sessions. Calls are given with a risk of 3.50% to 5% for a reward of 7% to 10%

Short Term Stock Option & Short Term Index Option

This product consists of different strategies like Long Call, Ratio Bull Call Spread, Long Strangle etc depending on market directions. The time period may vary from two to four weeks

Long Term Cash

The time horizon is 3 months. Recommendations are given with higher risk and higher reward. Risk would be around 5% to 7% for a reward of 10% to 12%

Short Term Stock Future & Short Term Index Future

This product contains recommendations in Futures segment in Indices and Stocks with a positional perspective. These recommendations are mainly based on derivatives statistics.