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3 Quick Benefits of Equity

8 Jan 2016 | 13:00PM

Venkat wishes to invest in shares, but is not aware of all its benefits.
So, his friend Ashish - an active trader with Angel Broking explained the 3 quick benefits of equity share investment.

Returns & Dividends:

If the company, Venkat has invested in, earns a profit, their stock prices rise, increasing the value of his investment & giving him returns. In addition, the company might also share its profits in the form of dividends.


Stocks are traded in exchanges & can be quickly turned into cash.

Portfolio Diversification:

Venkat can spread his investment over different companies & industries reducing any risk of loss.

Portfolio Diversification

To leverage theses benefits, Venkat is now ready to invest in equity shares with Angel Broking as his trusted partner, and Open a Demat + Trading account with

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