Personalised services for every one

As members of BSE and NSE, Angel Securities offers Institutional Investors the facility to perform and execute any trade in the Indian Equity Markets.

We’ve set a keen eye on the Indian Equity Markets for over two decades and overtime developed the proficiency to predict market trends, sector cyclical movements and even spot potential multi-baggers to be picked at the right time for the right kind of investment, as desired by the investment houses.

All trades are executed backed by market trends and reports, thereby safeguarding the client's interest and attempting to maximize revenues.

To seize opportunities provided by the Equity Markets we use state-of-the-art technology to help you keep up with the market pace. We also offer high-end technological platform - Direct Market Access (DMA) based on your specific requirements.

Our dedicated Sales Traders have the expertise, skills and resources to recommend stocks and sectors based on the requirement of clients, and truly work towards achieving long-term investment goals..

We ensure total transparency in our dealings and absolute confidentiality of information related to all our clients.